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Allan  Kellum's Scrapbook:

Scrapbook Pic #1

Senior Cords… Remember when we used to wear them every Friday?

Scrapbook Pic #2

FIRST GRADE: Back Row (left to right): Douglas Johnstone, Steve Housefield, Bobby Joe Crowe, Roger Long, Mary Jane Linton, Asenith Johnston, Mary Jo Marshall, Sue Ellen Johnson, Bill Thurman, Allan Kellum, Teacher Minnie Bee Parsons.

Middle Row (left to right): Rita Mabe, Kathy Lynch, David Hand, Charlie Mayer, Susan Oliphant, Jimmy Mayo, Russell Merrell, Steve McWilliams, Frank Merson, Joey Kays, George Maupin, Bobby Barnett

Front Row (left to right): Jerry Nichols, Larry Hopkins, Ronald McQueeney, Joy McGarrahan, Wanda Kay Kinnett, Betty Nelson, Billy Lawton, Carl Merritt, Susie Jessup, Susan Hutchens, Carol Ann Keefer, Marilyn Hodson.

Scrapbook Pic #3

Susan Oliphant's picture/letter to my parents after first grade field trip to the Kellum farm. In addition to Susan's picture, I've got a whole bunch more.