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In 1963 (above)

Sandy at the 40th reunion.

I left Plainfield after our junior year and I WENT to Amo. I went from a class of over 100 to a class of 21. Ron Taylor (originally from Plainfield) was there and I felt comfortable within a few days. In September of the senior year, I was in an accident and was out of school and in the hospital for almost 3 months, but all of my fellow classmates and teachers brought me homework. I returned to school the second semester and was on crutches at the graduation. This year I have two (2) 40th class reunions, so all of you that are deciding what to wear or what to attend...multiply that by 2. LOL!

Thanks you so very much for inviting all of us to return to our classmates, though we were not in the graduation ceremony, as most of my memories are with the class that I went to school with since the 4th grade. I truly am looking forward to seeing as many of the "Class of 63" that can possibly attend!