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Joan  Alfred's Webpage:

Class Picture     Current Picture #1

In 1963 (above)

Joan Alfred at the 40 reunion.

Graduated 1967 from I.U. with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Graduated 1998 from I.U. with Master in Health Administration and Master of Science in Nursing Administration. Worked many years in Management and Administration in Home Health Care. Worked as Home Health Care Consultant intermittently 1992 until 2008. Currently retired. Living in Indianapolis. Hobbies: Dancing, movies, and traveling (for pleasure and to visit children and grandchildren).

Has four children and 9 grandchildren. Lance, 44, is married, lives in Santa Clarita, CA, has three children (18,16,13), graduated from Full Sail in Orlando, FL, and is a Sound Editor. He has had several nominations for Golden Reel Awards with one winning for the cartoon, Sonic the Hedgehog. He had one Academy Award Nomination for a short comedy and one Emmy Nomination for the TV miniseries American Horror Story. Mark, 42, is not married, lives in Santa Clarita, CA, graduated from I.U., and is working for a Bison meat retailer. Brian, 41, is married, lives in Brownsburg, IN, has three children (4,6,6), graduated from I.U., and is the Director of Finance Hollow Metal & Exits at Ingersoll Rand in Indianapolis. Leah, 37, is married, lives in Denver, CO, has three children, (10,7,2), graduated from I.U., and is a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Current Picture #2 Current Picture #3

Joan Sophmore Cheerleader (2nd from right).

Joan at Dracula's house Sighisoura, Transylvania, Romania.

Current Picture #5

Joan at Cincinnati Dance.