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Jeannette  Draper Payne's Webpage:

Class Picture     Current Picture #1

In 1963 (above)

Jeannete at the 40th reunion.

1.Went to Indiana Central for 1 year after graduation from high school. 2.Married had 3 sons (husband was in the service so I lived all over the US) 2 sons are police officers. The other one is a web developer for the Indy 500 Motor Speedway. 3.Have lived in Brownsburg for the past 30 years. 4.Have worked at Lilly's for 21 years. 5.Hobbies: traveling...have been to Turkey,Greece,Israel,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Egypt,Mainland China and the rest of the Western European countries. 6.Plan on retiring from Lilly's in 6 more years,and continue to travel. 7.Have 3 grandchildren..Jessica-5 years old and the twins Anna/Alan are 5 years old.

Current Picture #2

Jeannete talking with Bobby Keller at a recent party.