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In 1963 (above)

Colleen with a K-9 movie star

1963 – 1967, I attended Purdue University and received my B. S. in 1967. I moved to Norman, Oklahoma and worked at the University as a Work Study Counselor and Personnel Officer. I was married to Eugene Earl Johnson after he received his Masters in Latin American History and Southwestern History from the University of Oklahoma in August, 1968. We moved to San Diego in 1970 after his tour in the Navy off Vietnam. When he moved back to Norman, Oklahoma to get his doctorate, I stayed in San Diego. Over the years I have taught elementary schools and Junior College, been a career guidance counselor, and a Manager of a Senior Citizen’s transportation project. In 1975, I began work for the City of San Diego. From 1982 – 1986 I was Chair of the City, County of San Diego, and the whole Women’s Opportunity Week for San Diego. Over the last 28.5 years I have worked for the Regional Youth Program, the General Services Department and the Engineering and Capital Projects Department as an Analyst. I am now a Senior Management Analyst with the Water & Wastewater Facilities Division (We design water and sewer mains). In April of this year I was selected as the department’s “Valued Employee” and the division’s “Employee of the Quarter”. I live in San Diego, in a modest home with my cat “Harlan” and my plants. I love to grow flowers, roses and tomatoes. It is hard to be a farmer in the City! My hobbies are gardening, reading, making jewelry, and walking. Before my accident, I was an avid backpacker and runner. Sorry I will not see you all in person this time!

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Colleen receiving a quarterly employee award.

Colleen at a recent wedding.