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Class Picture     Current Picture #1

In 1963 (above)

Burt with Judy Ginn at 40th reunion.

After two years at Blackburn College, I transferred to Earlham (changed schools; changed majors, twice; changed mind often). After graduation, my first job was teaching a self-contained, sixth-grade class (in the same classroom where I had been a fourth-grader). I was introduced to someone by a friend, and we got married the next summer. Four more years of teaching (junior high math and science) and I moved into insurance claims work. After moving to Chicago, I went to law school. I stayed in claims work, and spent 12 years in the Chicago area, 12 years in Texas (Houston and San Antonio), and ended up in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1998. My job takes me all over Michigan, and we spend a lot of time with my wife’s parents, near Detroit. My five siblings are in Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, and opposite sides of Indianapolis (we all still say we like each other!), and my parents died in 2000 and 2001. (If you’ve been down I-70 past the farm, you’ve seen warehouses but no farm buildings.) We’re nearing our 34th Anniversary and have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. Our older son, Lance, plays guitar, sings, entertains and composes bluegrass, folk, and “mountain funk” in Western North Carolina. (He does still have to keep a day job.) His wife is a darling from West Virginia (her grandmother’s maiden name is Hatfield), and Jonah and Olivia are awesome, of course. Our younger son, Kyle, has a masters degree in music performance from the Manhattan School of Music, after a bachelors from I.U., and is the principal horn for the Michigan (Detroit) Opera Theatre. He’s substituted with several area symphonies, including one gig with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and is part of the orchestra that did “The American Tenors”, which has been broadcast on PBS. (If we’d have reunions more often, the recaps could be shorter.)

Current Picture #2

Burt talking with Sue Shadwick at Friday's cookout.