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Class Picture     Current Picture #1

In 1963 (above)

My family. son Mike,wife Cecilia,daughter Theresa,me,son Joe,father Herbert,mother Rose

Graduated from Plainfield High School not having a clue as to what I wanted to do in life. Started to college and did not really care for the atmosphere.Went to work for International Harvester,then Lilly Industrial Coatings. Was drafted into the U.S.Marines,served in Vietnam for 27 months. Survived helicopter and airplane crashes all within 18 months. Said enough was enough. Received a scholarship to go to Marian College,graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Married and divorced. Worked for Public Service Indiana. Got married again to a gorgeous God fearing young lady named Mary Cecilia. Accepted a position with the Navy. Played father to four children. Lost my oldest to a drunk driver at age 16. Kept working for the Navy. Entered the Navy's Executive Education Program and received a M.S. in Public Administration. 1999 Cecilia retired from Crane and left me working to support her,our children and all of our bad habits. Have seen the world and have enjoyed every minute, through the good times and the bad. Have no regrets. If the good lord WILLS,I will retire in another 4-6 years. Why not retire now one might ask? I love what I do for a living. Lastly,I have learned that it is not fame,fortune or glory that makes life is peace of mind! That quiet knowing that no man walks alone..that God is God all by himself and that he has not Blessed each of us to live this long to leave US at this juncture of life's journey. He will Soon lead us to a new life beyond that which we now know(or think we understand).

Current Picture #2

Richard and his wife Cecilia at the 40th reunion.